Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)

  • Overview

    The Sumitomo Helical Shaft Mount (HSM) can be quickly and simply mounted on to the machine shaft. A user-friendly fitting and removing system has been developed with the Sumitomo keyless Taper-Grip® Bushing. The particular advantages of the HSM are case hardened gears with optimized geometry for maximum load and high efficiency. This insures optimum power in a compact design.


    • ➤ Higher power through 25° pressure angle and wider gear teeth for maximum torque
    • ➤ Taper-Grip® bushing without key for simple fitting and removing
    • ➤ High performance roller bearings for higher loads and longer life
    • ➤ Standard bores Taper-Grip bushings and reducing bushes
    • ➤ Screw conveyor options
    • ➤ Optional Taconite seals
    • ➤ Exchangeable with all types according to AGMA
    • ➤ Flexible motor fitment
    • ➤ Backstops


    • ➤ Ideal for screw conveyors, conveyor belts, processing plant
    • ➤ Luggage conveying
    • ➤ Fibre, paper processing and forestry industry
    • ➤ Mineral working and mining
    • ➤ Mixing
    • ➤ Grain processing & agriculture