PTP Industry

PTP Industry was founded in 1939.

The Company's line of business includes manufacturing complete range of high quality transmission products including couplings, pulleys, gears, hubs, bushings, belts, pads, brake discs, ... to ensure the robustness of the portions connecting the motor assemblies machine in any environment (ATEX…).

History of PTP Industry:

1939 Creation of Société Industrielle de Transmissions (SIT). 100% subsidiary of Kleber Colombes for the sale of belts to industry.
1955 Manufacturing under licence of HANSEN gearboxes. Intégration of the foundry within S.I.T.
1987 SIT is part of HANSEN Group and becomes Hansen SIT
1993 Hansen SIT becomes BROOK HANSEN
2008 REXNORD sells the Raon factory and creation of the company of PTP INDUSTRY
2013 Pierre BECKER becomes the sole shareholder and leader of PTP INDUSTRY

Product Range


Elastometer Couplings

  • PENCOflex
  • TEX-O-Flex
  • SURE-flex
  • ECOflex

Pulleys & Flywheels

  • Magic-Grip-T + bushes
  • Magic-Lock (Taper-Lock bushing)
  • Magic-Grip
  • Spéciales


  • Type HE ( with SURE-flex)
  • Type HC ( with TEX-O-flex)
  • Type HP ( with PENCOflex)
  • Type HV ( with pulley)

Shaft Mounted Gear Units

  • Flotax

Mechanical Speed Variators

  • Vari-phi types A, B & L
  • Varisit
  • vari-phi Wide V-Belts

Other Products

  • Hateco
  • Harco
  • Right angles